Monday, June 19, 2017

Latest Samsung Digital Camera Prices

Today’s brand new in the world of photogrphy is Samsung digital camera prices in India. Here we come again giving you new review and digital camera best buy online.

Well, this is just interesting topic happens in this lovely country with its beauty related to the price of digital camera branded Samsung. We provide you some references before you go buying one unit camera. In addition, you need to know brief specification here. Let’s start now!

Samsung Digital Camera Prices Rs 7,000 – Rs 9,000 ( $100 - $140)

The first we’d review is Samsung DV100 with the price of Rs 7,199 or $111.73. It is compact digital camera with 16.1Mp. It is incredible with CCD sensor type and 5x optical zoom in this price. This 2.7-inch LCD digital camera brings you to delivery good image though it is not using WiFi.

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